ROHTO Melano CC Whitening Serum 20ml

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Melano CC Anti Spot Serum

It would be great if the manufacturer was transparent and disclosed the percentage of active ingredients in this product to their customers worldwide. I tried out numerous vitamin C products in the past with the hopes of fading the post inflammatory erythema that’s left behind after my bouts of monthly hormonal acne has healed. I know for a fact that how a vitamin C serum is packaged affects how fast the product oxidizes which makes it less effective in scavenging free radicals. It’s interesting because this is the only product that I have come across that dispenses only a tiny drop in a foil packaging squeeze tube. Therefore, it’s well protected from light and oxygen. I used about 4-5 drops as a spot treatment on my post inflammatory erythema to see if it would fade them at a faster rate. After completely finishing four tubes I still have light pinkish hue acne scars on my chin. I used this product underneath my sunscreen to prevent further hyperpigmentation caused by UV exposure. I am still on the look out for that miracle product that would eliminate my post inflammatory erythema! The search continues...