MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Water Filter Pitcher CP025-WT

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Product description

"Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui Pot Type Purifier CP025 - WT" is a slim silhouette pot type water purifier that has excellent water purification performance of 15 substances, easy to clean with water supply and water injection. The cartridge adopts hollow fiber membrane filter which can also perform high-speed disinfection and firmly remove lead and bacteria. This product's water purification time is faster than conventional products.


Capacity: 1.3 L
Container body size: Width 198 mm × depth 99 mm × height 280 mm
Mass: 655 g (2055 g at full water)

Filtration flow rate: 0.10 L / min
Estimated time to replace the filter medium: 3 months (when using 2 L per day)
Attached cartridge: CPC 5

Water Purification Capacity:

13 substances to be removed (test results in JIS S 3201) stipulated in the household product quality indication method
Total filtered water removal rate
Free residual chlorine 200 L 80%
Muddiness (bacteria, solid lead, etc.) 200 L 50% (filtration flow rate)
Total trihalomethane 200 L 80%
Chloroform 200 L 80%
Bromodichloromethane 200 L 80%
Dibromochloromethane 200 L 80%
Bromoform 200 L 80%
Soluble lead 200 L 80%
CAT (pesticide) 200 L 80%
2-MIB (mold smell) 200 L 80%
Tetrachlorethylene 200 L 80%
Trichlorethylene 200 L 80%
1.1.1 - Trichloroethane 200 L 80%
Two substances to be removed listed in the standards set by the Japan Water Purifier Association (test results at JWPAS B.100)
Iron (particulate state) 80%
Aluminum (neutral) 80%


4.7 3 reviews
My first Cleansui water pot

Have been using the product for few weeks now. So far, I like this filter jug very much - it feels very sturdy and at the same time compact. It also looks sleek and good! This is my very first time using filter jug, and now that I've tasted the filtered water, I can tell the difference and that the water somehow taste "softer" after filtered. Just a note though that this model is compact size and good for one (at most two) person use. For myself, this is just the right size.

Mitsubishi rayon filtered water in jug

ordered total 2 sets of this design and another different design. Very satisfied with the set. It feels sturdy and looks very good quality. Capacity for filling tap water before it goes through filter is about 500ml so it is suitable for one or 2 persons use. Order fulfillment by seller is efficient.

Not bad.

Product came from Japan. The flow rate is speedy. Trusted Japan product is of better quality.