YAKULT Aojiru no Meguri Green Juice 7.5g x 30 sachets

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Product description

Easily add more greens to your diet!

Yakult Aojiru no Meguri green juice includes plenty of nutrients from green leafy vegetables, dietary fiber, and Yakult's oligosaccharide. nutrients will flow throughout your body and support good health. The taste has been carefully tested for people who hate the taste of leafy vegetables to enjoy drinking it. It will be easy to keep drinking for your health! Great for those with digestive issues, who want to improve their imbalanced diet, or simply to mainain their good health!

How to drink

Stir 2 packets of green juice with 100mL of chilled water or milk and drink once a day.


Barley grass extract powder (dextrin, young barley extract), galactooligosaccharide, water-soluble dietary fiber, dextrin

Nutritional Information (per 2 packets/15g):
Calories - 36-54kcal
Protein - 0.5-1.5g
Fat - 0.1-0.3g
Sugar - 7-12g
Dietary Fiber - 3.1g
Sodium - 21-48mg
β-Carotene - 190-1,600μg
Vitamin K - 41-138μg
Iron - 0.3-1.7mg
Calcium - 9-23mg
Potassium - 138-414mg
Magnesium - 3-12mg
Galactooligosaccharide - 2.5g

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Acceptable Taste

For those who do not like veggies taste, this is mild. Just add honey and it will be better.