PHITEN Power TapeX30 Athletic Performance Support 50 pieces

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Product description

How to Tell if a Phiten Product Is Authentic?

Phiten Power Tape: Precisely pinpoint the spots where you want to increase your power!

These Phiten Tapes allow you to stick on any specific part of your body. The material is infused with 30x-concentrated Aqua-Titanium. The reverse side of the Phiten tape contains titanium in tiny micro-titanium balls, which replaces the titanium plate.

How to Use Phiten Power Tape:

Beginning with your neck and shoulders, use your finger to press into spots that interest you or that feel good and stick on a patch.

Materials of the Phiten Tape:

Fabric: 30% cotton, 61% polyester, 6% polyurethane
Adhesive: acrylic-based adhesive
Engineering: Aqua-Titanium X30, micro-titanium balls

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