PANTENE Miracles Replenishing Over Night Hair Milk 100ml

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Product description

Pantene Miracles Repairing Overnight Milk: Night is the secret to beautiful hair

Introducing Pantene’s luxury series, Miracles. The Pantene Miracles range features the richest formulation of Pro-V vitamins, exclusive luxury serums, and groundbreaking formulations. Experience the Pantene Miracles range for yourself.

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Pantene Miracles Repairing Overnight Milk features a luxury Pro-Vitamin infused serum. This leave in overnight treatment deeply repairs severely rough, dry, or frizzy hair. Pantene Miracles Repairing Overnight Milk provides concentrated care to your hair while you sleep so you can wake every morning with hair as soft as cashmere.

What is Liposhot?

Pantene Miracles contains Liposhot, a unique repairing ingredient that has been born from 15 years of research into haircare. Liposhot is a luxury serum that works to replenish hollow hair strands with softening and repairing lipids.

How to use Pantene Miracles Replenishing Over Night Milk

After towel-drying washed hair, spread the product between the palms and massage into the hair. For best results, use in combination with the Pantene Miracles series.

Recommended usage: 1 to 2 pumps for medium length hair.

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