MUCOTA Aire Dune EX Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair 700g

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Product description

MUCOTA Aire Dune EX: For dry or severely damaged hair

MUCOTA Aire Dune EX treatment contains CMC, a group of ingredients the Mucota Aire line is based around. The high concentration of each ingredient works efficiently to restore damaged hair. This product is from the Extra Moisture line which provides the highest level of care and moisture. For a silky smooth and manageable finish.  

What is CMC?

CMC is a collection of four ingredients: 18 MEA, ceramides, choleserol, and fatty acids. These four ingredients exist in all layers of the hair to increase the adhesion of the hair cells to each other and to prevent the loss of moisture. Damaged hair means that these "CMC" components are lacking in the hair, which results in frizz, and damaged looking, dry hair. 

Key Ingredients of Dune EX treatment

  • Sugars (corn syrup, honey)
  • CMC ingredients (18MEA, ceramide, cholesterol, fatty acids)
  • PPT ingredient (Keratin, collagen, silk)
  • Jojoba oil

How to use Dune EX treatment

  • After shampooing, use both hands to apply the treatment to the entire hair.
  • For better results, heat it for 3~5 minutes after applying, wrap with towel, and leave on as a hair mask.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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