MUCOTA Adllura Aire 04 Veil Mask Treatment Aqua Refill 700g

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Product description

MUCOTA Aire 04: Honey and cell membrane complex permeate into each strand

This silicone-free conditioner treats extra-dry hair with a generous honey formulation. Moisturizing honey, cell membrane complex (CMC), and jojoba oil softens and hydrates damaged, frayed hair. Musota Aire 04 deeply moisturizes and provides healthy looking volume. Comes in a Fresh Apple Peach scent. 

700g refill is also available!

How to Use MUCOTA Aire 04

After shampooing, run an appropriate amount through your hair and rinse with warm water.

How to build your Mucota Adulla Aire routine

The Mucota Adllura Aire line is a range of salon-grade home treatment products. This range is highly customisable. You can choose a shampoo and treatment tailored to the thickness, treatments, and qualities of your hair. For very damaged hair, add an additional weekly treatment to your routine. Finally, choose a leave-in treatment to nourish and protect your hair while adding a healthy shine.

Ingredients in MUCOTA Aire 04

Water, honey, cetanol, behentrimonium chloride, safflower oil, C10-30 fatty acid cholesteryl/lanosteryl ester, butylene glycol, glyceryl stearate, isopropanol, castor oil, phenoxyethanol, (phytosteryl/octyldodecyl) lauroyl glutamate, etc.

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4.5 2 reviews
MUCOTA Adllura Aire 04 Veil Mask Treatment Aqua Refill 700g

If you have done Mucota treatment on yr hair, this product is a "must have" It conditions & nourishes your hair Love that it comes in a refill size too, as not many suppliers stock this size

Satisfactory moisturization properties.

This product really moisturizes well compared to regular conditioners in the market. A little expensive but a small amount goes a long way. It also helps keep my curls stay longer due to its moisturizing effects. However, it would be better if they add a little more fragrance to it.