SVELTY Pakkun Yeast Premium Enzyme Diet Supplement 56 tablets

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Product description

Svelty Pakkun Yeast Premium: Now with three times the power! 

Do you love to eat, but worry about how many carbs are in your diet? Svelty Pakkun Yeast Premium is your answer! With three times the amount of yeast and chitosan as the regular version, this weight loss supplement lets you enjoy your favorite foods without guilt! 

Svelty Pakkun Yeast contains yeast microorganisms who feed on carbohydrates, and chitosan, which has been used in America as a weight loss aid for over 10 years. It also includes six types of tried and tested herbs, all in easy to swallow capsules.

Pakkun’s time-release capsules contain living yeast microorganisms that are activated by food and warm temperatures to help break down carbohydrates before they are absorbed into the body as sugars. Also includes white kidney bean, gymnema sylvestra, tamarind, salacia, oolong tea, and candle bush extracts!

How to take Svelty Pakkun Yeast Premium

Take 2-4 tablets daily with cool or warm water.

Not recommended for those with allergies, children, those who are being treated for an illness, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Svelty Pakkun Yeast Premium Ingredients

Dried yeast extract, Chitosan (contains prawn) White kidney bean extract, Insoluble dextrin, Lactose, Garcinia cambogia extract powder. Senna alata extract powder, Gymnema sylvestre extract powder, Salacia reticulata extract powder, Green tea (matcha), Maltodextrin, Oligosaccharide, Curcuma Longa Root Extract, Oolong tea extract, Dextrin, Bifidobacteriales, Plectranthus barbatus extract, Black pepper extract/Crystalline cellulose, Gelatin, Calcium Stearate, Silicon dioxide , Succinic acid, Calcium Carbonate

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