DHC Garcinia Cambogia Diet Supplement 150 tablets

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Product description

Garcinia is made from the pericarp of tropical fruit Garcinia cambogia.
For those who like carbohydrates and sweets, and eat too much carelessly.

Direction: Take 5 tablets a day.
It is recommended to take several times a day like in the morning, at noon, and at night.
Pls avoid overdose, keep the recommended daily dose.

Raw materials
Garcinia extract 1 day 5 tablets total weight (= amount of contents) 1500mg per Garcinia cambogia extract powder 1000mg (600mg as hydroxy citric acid), pepper extract 1mg, vitamin B1 1.2mg, vitamin B2 1.2mg, vitamin B6 1.5mg
[Main Ingredients:
Garcinia cambogia extract powder, red pepper extract, vitamins (V.B1, V.B2, V.B6)
[Adjustment agents and the like]
Reduced maltose syrup, partially α-starch, dextrin, glycerin fatty acid esters, phosphoric acid Ca, pastes (cellulose)


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