DHC Heme Iron Supplement 180 tablets

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A necessity for women!

Every month, women's iron levels decrease due to the blood lost during menstruation. This makes women more prone to iron deficiency than men. It's possible to restore iron levels naturally through food; however, the body's average iron absorption level is 8%.

Iron is one of those essential minerals like calcium that you should proactively supplement. The two types of iron are animal-based heme iron, found in meat and fish, and non-heme iron, found in vegetables and grains. It's well-known that the heme iron found in animal products is more-easily absorbed by the body. Iron is vital in the creation of red blood cells. In addition, vitamin B12 and folic acid promote the formation of red blood cells. Folic acid also contributes to the healthy development of babies.

DHC Heme Iron contains vitamin B12 and folic acid in addition to heme iron, which doesn't react with the organic molecules found in tea and coffee. Above all, this supplement provides the necessary amount of iron to adequately supplement the iron levels of women.


Take 2 capsules (540mg) once per day. Make sure to take religiously every day for best results.


Iron - 10mg
Folic acid - 70μg
Vitamin B12 - 1μg
Other: Glycerin fatty acid ester, cellulose, silicon dioxide, gelatin, colorant (caramel, titanium oxide)


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