MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Water Filter Replacement Cartridge High Grade HGC1SW (2 pieces included)

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Product description

CSP Series Water Filter HGC1SW Replacement Cartridges.

These are replacement cartridges for the CSP Water Filter Series. Each cartridge has about a 3-month lifespan. Each removes 10 impurities found in water.


1. Residual chlorine - Added as a water sterilizer but gives water a bad taste.
2. Murky water (micro-organisms, solid lead, etc.) - This filter can get rid of red rust, etc.
3. Trihalomethane - Chemicals 4-7 react with chlorine and organic compounds found in tap water to produce trihalomethane, a known carcinogen.
4. Chloroform
5. Bromodichloromethane
6. Dibromochloromethane
7. Bromoform
8. Soluble lead - Causes mental disorders in newborns and infants if accumulated in the body.
9. Iron particles - Mostly originate from plumbing pipes, they cause rusty water and bad taste.
10. Aluminum - Found in aluminum-based coagulants for clean-processing water.

Compatible with:

CSP1, CSP2, CSP3, CSP9, CSP602, CSP601, CSP701, CSP801, CSPX, CSPUP


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