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Wonect.com is a convenient and secure place for you to buy your favourite Japanese products. Whether you're looking for the latest products from Japan, or want to buy your favourite Japanese brands at the best prices, we want you to enjoy a care-free shopping experience, and maybe even get a little joy from it!

Wonect begins

Wonect begins

Our Wonect Founder, Mr Kota Mizuguchi started with a simple question, “What can I do for everyone in the world?”

His answer was “CONNECTION”. Connections that allowed everyone in the WORLD to understand one another.

Wonect started with humble beginnings selling Japanese cameras, connecting camera lovers to expert equipment. As it grew, more and more customers were asking for other Japanese products.

He knew we needed to be bigger to connect customers to a better service and a more secure deliver and payment structure. Thus Wonect found its legs rooted in Kyoto with a brand new office and a spacious warehouse, delivering Japanese products all over the world!

Wonect = "World + connect"

Wonect is a combination of the words "world" and "connect". We want to connect you to Japan by allowing everyone to enjoy the goodness in Japanese products, and to understand the Japanese lifestyle better. - Kota Mizuguchi -

Buy new Japanese products, or classic favourites

Buy new Japanese products, or classic favourites

You'll be spoiled for choice as we add new products to the catalog!

Worldwide delivery and secure payment

Worldwide delivery and secure payment

The love for Japanese products comes from all over the world, and we want to ensure that you get the products you want, at the lowest price. Wonect currently delivers to over 140 countries!

Japanese Customer Service in English

Customer Service in English

Our staff are here for you when you have a question about any of the products or about purchase and deliveries.