ASAHI Perfect Asta Collagen Powder Premier Rich 378g

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Product description

Rich collagen, placenta, and other beauty ingredients in one supplement

5500 mg low molecular nano collagen with placenta, ceramide, royal jelly, swallow's nest, moon peach leaf extract, 16 other rich beauty ingredients. Affordable rich collagen supplement. Smart beauty supplement for smart buyer.

Ingredients (7.5 g):

Low molecular collagen + absorptive nano collagen / 5,500 mg, placenta extract: 1500 mg, moon peach leaf extract: 3 mg, ceramide: 600 μg, hyaluronic acid: 30 mg
Dietary fiber: 1,000 mg, vitamin C: 100 mg, beautiful body lactic acid bacteria: 30 mg, royal jelly, swallow's nest, coenzyme Q 10, glucosamine, elastin, 4 herbs MIX


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