D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape Eye Reshaping Tape Strong Hold 120 pieces

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Product description

Instant eyelid without surgery

Some people are concerned because their eyes look dull without eyelids. The eyelids indeed make our eyes look fresher and prettier. This product can help you get eyelids without having to go through painful surgery. Strong against water and sweat, can keep the line all day. Using transparent double-sided tape, adhesive, safe for skin. This type of the series allows you to make firm full eyelids.

How to use:

1, Clean your eyelids and imagine the shape you want
2, Paste the tape under the V-shaped stick.
3 Lightly pull up the eyelids up with your fingers and slowly bring the V letter stick closer to the eyelid's line.
4 Push the V-shaped stick into the eyelids while pulling the eyelids with your fingers. At the same time, release your fingers pulling the eyelids.
5, Llightly press the eyelids to even the result. Also do the inner corner side.


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