SUNTORY Liftage Collagen Drink 50ml x 10 bottles

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Product description

SUNTORY Liftage Collagen Drink: Don't let age and gravity win!

Suntory Liftage Collagen drink is a delicious and convenient, ready to drink collagen supplement. It contains a moisturizing blend of collagen and proteoglycan to help you maintain plump and healthy-looking skin!

The Suntory Liftage collagen drink firms and lifts skin that has lost elasticity by providing the body with collagen and proteoglycan.

Collagen is an essential component in the skin, and is responsible for building firm, youthful looking skin. Proteoglycan is a highly-innovative ingredient that boosts the skin's plumpness and firmness through its ability to retaining moisture in the skin even more effectively than hyaluronic acid. Proteoglycan used to be available only in very scarce quantities until researchers from Hirosaki University in Aomori discovered its availability in salmon cartilage. Now we all can benefit from the incredible skin-plumping effect of this unique ingredient.

Suntory also paid careful consideration to making the Liftage drink as delicious as possible-- you'll love its refreshing white grape taste! Packaged in a convenient, purse-friendly bottle, you can enjoy this drink any time of day without bothering with measuring and mixing powders.

With a great taste and convenience in one, we think you'll look forward to getting your daily dose of collagen and proteoglycan!

Special features 

Suntory Liftage Collagen also contains a luxurious blend of other beauty-boosting ingredients, including the following:

Flaxseed lignan: Contains polyphenols.
Long pepper: A plant in the pepper family that promotes circulation.
Ceramide: Helps maintain the skin's protective barrier.
Vitamin C: Essential for the production of collagen.
Sakura (cherry blossom) extract: Recently attracting attention as a source of polyphenol and for its anti-aging properties.
Blue honeysuckle extract: Added for its delicious flavor!


Drink 1 bottle of Suntory Liftage collagen drink per day. Shake well before drinking. Drink immediately upon opening. Do not freeze. Not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Contains 10 bottles for a 10-day supply.


Erythritol (manufactured in the U.S.A.), highly concentrated PO/OG collagen peptide (including gelatin), hijatsu extract powder, elastin peptide, salmon nasal cartilage extract powder containing proteoglycan, horse mackerel extract powder, cherry blossom extract powder / acidifier, vitamin C, flavor, stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose)
Allergens: Contains gelatin.

Nutrition Facts Label: per bottle (50ml):
Salt equivalent/0-0.04g
Vitamin C/100mg
High concentration PO/OG collagen/2500mg
Pearl-spruce extract powder/150mg

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Though it taste good, but obvious result is yet to see...

Liftage is an awesome collagen drink. It’s a good product!!

Liftage collagen is a good product. Helpful to the skin. My first order was prompt and packaging was well packed I would continue taking this collagen.


This collagen is effective and good in helping in anti-aging

Liftage is a good one

The product is really good and continuous to restock from time to time