MUCOTA Aire Dune EX Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair 700g

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Product description

For dry/severely damaged hair

What is CMC:

Cell layer compound exists outside and inside our hair, and hair cells stick together so that it is not easy to peel off (noteasy-to-damage effect) and maintain moisture, and prevent it from leaving (to prevent dryness and maintain hair softness). Damaged hair means the so-called CMC substance had left the hair, and many gaps develop inside the hair, resulting in hair winding, which is the cause of loose and dry hair.

Special Ingredients :

  • Sugar ingredient ( corn syrup, honey )
  • CMC ingredient ( 18MEA, ceramide, cholesterol, fatty acids )
  • PPT ingredient ( Keratin, collagen, silk )
  • Jojoba oil

How to use & use volume guideline :

  • After shampooing, use both hands to apply the treatment to the entire hair on hair-ends.
  • After applying completely, heat it for 3~5 minutes, and wrap with towel, then leave it – to have better effect
  • Then rinse thoroughly with warm water


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great product

Very nourishing for dry hair