SUNTORY Milcolla 30 Packets for 30 Days

SUNTORY Milcolla 30 Packets for 30 Days

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SUNTORY Milcolla 30 Packets for 30 Days

93% of 100

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Top collagen supplement on Wonect store. Contains both pig and fish collagen. High concentration of PO OG collagen.

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High concentration PO・OG Collagen for advanced beauty.

Beauty Powder Milcolla contains luxury cosmetic ingredients such as high concentration PO・OG collagen and moisture-rich ceramide. Drinking one packet a day will make your skin more springy, hydrated, clear, and translucent.

Recommended for those who...
- are seeking for advanced beauty.
- want to take collagen.
- want to have moist and firm skin.
- want to have brighter skin.

How to Consume:

Take 1 packet a day. Blend with your favorite drink or food.


Collagen peptide (high concentration PO・OG collagen peptide), dextrin, creaming powder, ceramide-containing whey powder, milk peptide, proteoglycan containing salmon nasal cartilage extract substance, elastin peptides, vitamin C, sodium casein, fragrance, silicon oxide
Made with gelatin.

Contents (per 1 packet/6.5g):
Collagen: 5000mg (PO・OG / 4400μg)
Ceramide: 1200μg
Elastin: 1000μg
Proteoglycan: 500μg

Nutritional Information (per 1 packet/6.5g):
Energy - 24.8kcal
Protein - 5.38g
Fat - 0.10g
Carbohydrates - 0.59g
Sodium - 16-22mg
Sodium - 0.04-0.06g
Vitamin C - 50mg
Potassium - 2.35mg
Phosphorus - 2.1mg

※ We will send it without the container box for cheaper shipping. If you need the box, please let us know.

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