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SUNTORY Milcolla 30 Packets for 30 Days

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SUNTORY Milcolla 30 Packets for 30 Days

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What does this product do?

Top collagen supplement on Wonect store. Contains both pig and fish collagen. High concentration of PO OG collagen.

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SUNTORY Milcolla Collagen: High concentration PO・OG Collagen for advanced beauty.

The SUNTORY Milcolla is a collagen supplement that contains luxurious beauty ingredients such as high concentration PO・OG collagen and moisture-rich ceramide. Drinking one packet of Suntory collagen a day will give your skin more bounce, hydration, clearer, and more translucent.

SUNTORY understands that as we age, we should not be replenishing collagen in the skin, but making so that our bodies will be able to create collagen. This gets more important as our ability to create collagen decreases, especially as we advance in age. The Milcolla collagen is SUNTORY's answer.

SUNTORY Milcolla is recommended for those who...

  1. are seeking beauty in an advanced age. The Milcolla collagen contains highly effective, high dense collagen ingredients, which is researched and developed by SUNTORY.
  2. want to take collagen. Wonect knows that the we need to strengthen our natural ability to produce collagen, and SUNTORY collagen lets us achieve that.
  3. want to have moist and firm skin. Milcolla collagen powder aims to bring back the pulpiness back to your skin, especailly if you suffer from dry skin. 
  4. want to have brighter skin, especially when you feel that daily skin care doesn't seem enough. 

How to consume SUNTORY Milcolla collagen:

Take 1 packet a day. You can also mix the collagen powder with your favorite drink or food.

Ingredients in Milcolla collagen powder:

Collagen peptide (high concentration PO・OG collagen peptide), dextrin, creaming powder, ceramide-containing whey powder, milk peptide, proteoglycan containing salmon nasal cartilage extract substance, elastin peptides, vitamin C, sodium casein, fragrance, silicon oxide
Made with gelatin.

Suntory collagen Contents (per 1 packet/6.5g):

Collagen: 5000mg (PO・OG / 4400μg)
Ceramide: 1200μg
Elastin: 1000μg
Proteoglycan: 500μg

Suntory collagen Nutritional Information (per 1 packet/6.5g):

Energy - 24.8kcal
Protein - 5.38g
Fat - 0.10g
Carbohydrates - 0.59g
Sodium - 16-22mg
Sodium - 0.04-0.06g
Vitamin C - 50mg
Potassium - 2.35mg
Phosphorus - 2.1mg

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