Wonect exists to deliver a little joy for your Japanese shopping experience!

We provide a safe and secure place to shop, and deliver authentic products straight from Japanese manufacturers.

Our staff are also available to suggest or answer any doubts about Japanese products.

You can shop for over 3,000+ varieties of Japanese beauty lifestyle products, delivered worldwide!


Wonect Founder, Mr Mizuguchi Kota was watching a documentary about organisations delivering food to other parts of th world.

That was when he started to ask the question, “What could I do for everyone in the world?”

His answer was “CONNECTION”. Connections that allowed everyone in the WORLD to understand one another.

WONECT was thus born, meaning “WORLD + CONNECT”. Connecting everyone by allowing everyone to enjoy the goodness

in Japanese products, and to understand the Japanese lifestyle better.

  • icon_k_mizuguchi CEO K.Mizuguchi
  • icon_m_mizuguchi Product manager M.Mizuguchi
  • icon_omori Designer Omori
  • Designer Ho
  • icon_staff00 Marketer Roger
  • icon_staff07 Engineer Ishimoto
  • icon_staff08 Engineer David