SUNTORY Liftage PG-EX 50mL for 10 Days 10 Bottles

SUNTORY Liftage PG-EX 50mL for 10 Days 10 Bottles

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SUNTORY Liftage PG-EX 50mL for 10 Days 10 Bottles

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Contains highly mositurising proteoglycan, recommeneded for dry skin or skin lacking springiness.

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Your collagen and proteoglycan drink blend.

Don't let age or gravity get the best of you. The ingredients blended in Liftage support each other and women's skin desires. This exquisite drink lifts skin that's sagging or flabby with 5000mg of collagen and 5000µg of proteoglycan.

Collagen maintains skin's elasticity, and the highly-innovative proteoglycan sustains skin's resilience by retaining water better than hyaluronic acid. Proteoglycan is resilient enough to bounce a ball into the air when added into a gelatin mold. Proteoglycan used to be available in scarce quantities until researchers from Hirosaki University in Aomori discovered its availability in salmon cartilage.

Suntory took careful consideration into making this drink as tasty as possible. You don't want to stress out about drinking it every day and makeyour skin care efforts fall to naught. So whether you feel like your skin needs a desperate boost or you like being on top of brand-new beauty products, keep your head up and enjoy the rest of your life!

Other beauty-lifting ingredients included:
- Flaxseed lignan: Contains polyphenols.
- Long pepper: A plant in the pepper family that promotes circulation.
- Ceramide: Acts like a veil of water over the skin.
- Vitamin C: Involved in the production of collagen.
- Sakura (cherry blossom) extract: Recently attracting attention as a source of polyphenol and for its anti-aging properties.
- Blue honeysuckle extract: Added for good flavor.

How to Consume:

Drink 1 bottle per day. Shake well before drinking. Drink immediately upon opening. Do not freeze. Don't drink if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

Contains 10 bottles for a 10-day supply.


Collagen peptide, erythritol, long pepper extract powder, salmon nasal cartilage extract powder containing proteoglycan, linseed extract powder, cherry blossom extract powder, rice bran extract powder containing ceramide, blue honeysuckle extract, acidulant, vitamin C, stabilizing agent (pectin), fragrance, sweetener (acesulfame potassium, sucralose)

Allergens: Contains gelatin.

Contents (per 1 bottle/50mL):
Collagen - 5000mg
Proteoglycan - 5000μg
Ceramide - 600μg
Long pepper extract - 150mg
Vitamin C - 100mg

Nutritional Information (per 1 bottle/50mL):
Calories - 23.2kcal
Protein - 5.52g
Fat - 0g
Sugar - 3.25g
Sodium - 0-10mg
Sodium chloride equivalent - 0-0.3g
Potassium - <10mg
Phosphorus - ~70mg

★★ Recommended by liuyen ★★

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