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    SHISEIDO Stage Works Powder Shake 150mL

    sku: SHI01066

    Product details

    For naturally voluminous hair

    • Do you want to add movement to your hair without changing its texture?
    • Do you want your hair to feel soft and voluminous? 
    • Do you want to style your hair quickly and get on with your day?

    Shiseido Stage Works Powder Shake is a lightweight, mist-type setting spray that adds volume to the hair quickly and simply. Perfect for men or women and for all lengths of hair.

    Create any style you like and work volume and bounce into your hair-- just shake and spray. Your hair will retain its movement and volume even in high humidity. Plus, when you run your fingers through your hair, it won't feel like you have any product in.

    Does your hair seem flat and lifeless? Give it a boost with Stage Works Powder Shake.


    Shake well until you hear a "click-clack" sound. Spray the mist onto dry hair-- 6 to 10 sprays should suit most hairstyles. Run your fingers through your hair to distribute the product and style as desired.

    Caution: Always make sure to shake the product as directed before use. Failing to do so can cause the pump to clog. Avoid getting the product on clothing, as it may stain, especially on dark colours.

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