UNICHARM Silcot Moist Cotton Sponge Sheets 40 Sheets 5 Boxes

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Product details

Get amazing results with half the amount of lotion!

@cosme Best Cosmetics Award Winner
2018: Hall of Fame Entrant
2017: Best Cosmetic Goods
2016: Best Cosmetic Goods

The award winning Silcot Moist Cotton Sponge Sheets are a unique, sponge type cotton sheet. Traditional cotton makeup pads hold liquid in their fibres, which expand to lock the liquid in. This means that when you use traditional cotton makeup pads, you can end up throwing away around half of the lotion you apply to them.

Silcot Moist Cotton Sponge Sheets are different. Like a regular sponge, they’re highly absorbent, but readily release all the liquid you apply to them. This means you can use far less lotion than you usually would.

Using the Silcot Moist Cotton Sponge Sheets allows you to get more out of every lotion you own. In other words, better skincare results for less money!

Product highlights

Feature 1: High-performance, money-saving 

Silcot Moist Cotton Sponge Sheets release twice the amount of liquid than regular cotton sponges, meaning that almost none of your lotion wasted left on the pad!

Feature 2: Soft texture that holds its shape 

These sponge sheets hold their shape no matter how you use them. Unlike regular cotton, they don’t shed, flatten, or ball up like regular cotton.

Feature 3: A perfect under-eye mask

Silcot Moist Cotton Sponge Sheets come folded in two with a hassle-free perforation. Use them folded in two for a luxuriously soft cosmetic sponge, or tear them in two, apply your favorite lotion, and use them as a under-eye mask -- or wherever you need concentrated hydration! These sheets are shaped to fit perfectly under the eyes, and they hold moisture on the surface which helps them adhere perfectly to your skin.

Feature 4: Sensitive skin safe

No optical brighteners have been used for this product, making them perfect even for sensitive skin.

Product details

Sheet size: 70×58mm

This product comes in a box of 40 folded sheets, which are perforated and able to be torn in half if desired. This listing is for five boxes, so you don't have to worry about running out of the best cosmetic sponges around! 

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