FANCL Perfect Slim W 180 tablets x 3 bags

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Product details

New release! Perfect Slim for a perfect body!

FANCL Perfect Slim W is a diet supplement that includes green tea catechin (botanical polyphenol) and various health-boosting ingredients such as Piper pepper family and L-carnitine to help assist weight loss. 

By adding to a balanced diet and regular exercise, the five supportive ingredients in FANCL Perfect Slim W can help switch your diet on! Take six tablets before starting your regular activities such as housework or going to work.

Green tea catechin: A type of plant polyphenols, and catechin is what gives tea its bitter flavor. It is well known for its various health benefits.

Piper longum: A type of pepper. In addition to being dried and used as a spice and flavoring, it has also been used for many years in India and China for its health benefits.

L-carnitine: A type of amino acid that is present in the muscles of the whole body.

Daily dose

6 tablets

Main Ingredients

Green tea catechin: 540 mg, L-carnitine: 200 mg, dermatophyta end powder: 150 mg

How to take

Take 6 tablets per day after a meal but before activites. Drink with water. Since caffeine is included avoid taking on an empty stomach. Result may vary.

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