MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Mono Series Faucet Water Filter MD103

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Product description

Cleansui Mono Series Faucet Type Water Purifier.

From the Cleansui Mono Series is this water filter system that fits on your faucet. The filter is sleek and modern. It eradicates 9 toxic compounds from tap water. Filtering your tap water is more economical than buying water in bottles. Would you rather buy 450 bottles of water in one year or four filter cartridges? Each cartridge has about a 3-month lifespan at 10 liters per day.


1. Residual chlorine - Added as a water sterilizer but gives water a bad taste.
2. Murky water (micro-organisms, solid lead, etc.) - This filter can get rid of red rust, etc.
3. Trihalomethane - Chemicals 4-7 react with chlorine and organic compounds found in tap water to produce trihalomethane, a known carcinogen.
4. Chloroform
5. Bromodichloromethane
6. Dibromochloromethane
7. Bromoform
14. Iron particles - Mostly originate from plumbing pipes, they cause rusty water and bad taste.
15. Aluminum - Found in aluminum-based coagulants for clean-processing water.


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