FANCL Smooth Clear AC Acne Supplement 60 tablets

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Product description

Fix acne from the inside out

FANCL Smooth Clear AC is a nutritional supplement that targets the physical imbalances in the body that cause adult spots and acne. Provides a healthy physical condition without recurring adult acne. Lactic acid bacteria and other beauty ingredients leads to smooth skin.


Take 2 tablets a day

Key ingredients (per 2 tablets)

Shield lactic acid bacteria (sterilized): 10 billion pieces
Lactoferrin: 10 mg, soy isoflavone aglycone: 13 mg (total isoflavone: 20 mg), chest tree extract powder: 4.8 mg, powder of kiwi seed extract powder 50 mg, pearl barley extract: 45 mg, theanine: 50 mg, licorice extract: 20 mg, vitamin B2: 12 mg, vitamin B6: 10 mg, vitamin C: 100 mg

※ Allergy warning: This product contains milk, kiwifruit, and soybeans. 
※ Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing.
※ Vitamin B2 may temporarily cause the urine to turn yellow.

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4.0 1 reviews
Good product to reduce pimple

I have been taken this product for 3 months and the effect is quite obvious.