ARIMINO Peace Gloss Wax 80g

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Product description

ARIMINO Peace Gloss Wax

ARIMINO Peace Gloss Wax is a soft hold, cream type wax that a gives your hair a hydrated and healthy glossy look. 

Arimino Peace Wax contains natural cupuaçu oil as a moisturizing ingredient. Cupuaçu oil is high in oleic acid, and is prized for its ability to hold onto moisture while feeling lightwight in the hair. It keeps the hair well moisturized by preventing moisture from escaping, holding moisture in the core of each strand.

How to use Arimino Peace Wax

Use as the final step when styling your hair. Spread the product between the palms and apply it where needed.

Arimino Peace Wax Line Guide: From lightest to strongest hold

Arimino Peace Gloss Wax: This oil-infused wax gives the hair a glossy shine, giving the hair a neet and sleek look without greasiness. You can combine it with a product with a higher setting powder without to give your hair a glossy look without damaging with the hold. (White packaging) 

Arimino Peace Nuance Wax: This lightweight wax gives volume and height to the hair, allowing you to make a soft, tufted look. This wax is ideal for creating soft waves and curled styles. You can combine wax with another product with firmer hold to give your hair a light, airy-looking finish. (Cream packaging) 

Arimino Peace Soft Wax: This wax allows you to create hair tufts with just the right amount of tension. It has a soft quality. It feels light in the hair so you can be free to layer it or combine it with other products at will. (Light brown packaging) 

Arimino Peace Hard Wax: With hard wax ingredients and a soft film effect, this wax has high setting power while remaining easy to spread and manipulate in the hair. Easy to use: sets smooth without transferring to the hands after styling. (Dark brown packaging)

Arimino Peace Freeze Keep Wax: This wax is non-greasy and easy to handle. It combines a very strong hold with the ability to reshape the hair. Its strong “wire film” adds volume by lifting and supporting the hair from the roots. It prevents dry ends of the hair with by locking moisture into the hair. (Black packaging)

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