KAO Megurism Steam Thermal Sheet 16 sheets

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★★ Recommended on Queen Taiwan 女人我最大 ★★

Warming relaxation everywhere you go with instant thermal sheets

MEGRHYTHM Steam Thermal Sheet is an adhesive thermal sheet that works against stiffness and fatigue. Giving you relaxation as it improves your blood flow.The comfort temperature lasts 5 to 8 hours. It warms deeply in the affected part with the warm heat. The steam coming out of the sheet is invisibly finer and skin friendly. It does not make your clothes wet.

How to use:

Put on the inner side of underwear & soft mesh for delicate skin friendly!

Peel off the left and right peeling paper, put on the shorts, put the sheet on the inside face of the shorts.

Surface material:


Heating element:

iron powder contained