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Product description

Toner + Serum + Moisturiser = An all-in-one miracle, Mediplus Gel!

★★As recommended on Queen Taiwan 女人我最大★★

Perfect for anyone who...

- Wants to improve the appearance of fine lines and lack of elasticity that comes with aging
- Feels that their skin is looking dry, rough, and dull
- Suffers from skin that feels sensitive, tight, and lacking in hydration
- Is looking for a cost-effective moisturiser
- Wants their skincare routine to easy and enjoyable!

To develop Mediplus Gel, Mediplus looked into the stressors that cause dryness in modern women's skin. Everything from skincare habits, mental and physical health, and lifestyles were taken into account in their research.

As a result, they created Mediplus Gel, an easy to use all in one that contains ingredients and a formulation that matches the mineral balance in healthy skin.

Simply use the all in one Mediplus Gel after cleansing and the formula will soak in to wrap the skin in moisture, preventing dehydration for a full 24 hours.

Mediplus Gel is suitable for sensitive skin

Customers with sensitive skin love Mediplus Gel because it is free of preservatives, alcohol, petroleum, colors, fragrances, and silicones.

How to use Mediplus Gel

When using for the first time, remove the cover from the pump area.

Use 2-3 pumps when you first start using the Mediplus Gel. As your skin's hydration improves, feel free to reduce to 1-2 pumps.

  • Step 1: After cleansing, take the recommended amount of product and spread it between your hands. 
  • Step 2: Apply by pressing the entire palms to the centre of the face and gently spreading outwards towards the ears. 
  • Step 3: Spread the gel to the cheeks, brow, forehead, chin by gently continuing to wrap the face with the palms of the hand. Pat the face gently to encourage absorption.

Tip: Take a deep breath and release stress. Breathe deeply as you slowly and gently pat the gel into the skin. Deep breathing helps relax the mind, promotes circulation, and helps the absorption of moisture into the skin. By releasing stress held in the body you are also helping your skin look healthier and more beautiful.

Mediplus Gel ingredients

Water / BG / glycerin / betain / diglycerin / hot spring water / 1,2-hexanediol / methyl gluceth-10 / glycosyl trehalose / squalane (plant origin) / avocado oil / carbomer / hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch / hydroxide K / tocopherol / Allantoin / glycyrrhizic acid 2 K / hydrolyzed silk / PCA - Na / glycine / taurine / European beech bud extract / Kawara yoyogi flower extract / Alcaligenes producing polysaccharide / 3 - O - ethyl ascorbic acid / lysine HCI / glutamic acid / leucine / histidine HCI / Serine / Valine / Kuko fruit extract / Bifidobacterium culture lysate / Na aspartate / Threonine / Alanine / Isoleucine / Seiyokushin seed extract / Onigigo root extract / Placenta extract / Phenylalanine / Ogon root extract / lauroyl lactylate Na / hydrolysis Hyaluronic Acid / Na Hyaluronic Acid Na / Arginine / Proline / Neubara Fruit Extract / Nutmeg Fruit Extract / Licorice Extract / Tyrosine / Otanininjin Root Extract / Kudzu Root Extract / Mayorana Leaf Extract / Seiyanagi Bark Extract / Hydrolysis Elastin / Inosinic acid 2Na / Guanylic acid 2Na / Wild thyme extract / Aloe vera leaf extract / Chlorella extract / ceramide NP / hydrolyzed collagen / ceramide AP / phytosphingosine / cholesterol / xanthan gum / water soluble collagen / citric acid / arch chalk leaf extract / quen Acid Na / ceramide EOP

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4.0 3 reviews
Can't help falling in love with mediplus

My fifth bottles of Mediplus, it's really great. Its' natural ingredients give skin moisture all time but not oily, moreover cut down my daily skincare routine into one step. Recommended!

Preliminary Trial

My first purchase. I've tried for a week, so far so good. Hope it can sustain the Japan cold weather when I travel next week.

Unbiased Product Review

I decided to try out the all in one gel for one month before I wrote this review. At first, my skin felt sufficiently hydrated around my forehead, nose, and cheeks but somehow I had some minor breakouts around my chin and jawline area. Perhaps maybe my skin was still adjusting since I have not tried out this product before. But, I am going to give myself three to four months grace period to see if my skin tolerates the product well. I'll keep you posted with the results.