FANCL FDR Acne Care Milky Gel 18g

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Product description

Wear a veil of moisture.

FANCL's FDR Acne Care Milky Gel improves skin's natural barrier function, which includes moisture production. It completely cares for skin, ensuring that no scars are left behind to keep skin looking its best. It raises the level of the skin's natural barrier with natural hydration that keeps bad bacteria out. This milky gel isn't sticky and is comfortable to spread, giving way to gentle and refreshed skin.

Order of Use:

AC Washing Cream ⇒ Acne Care Lotion ⇒ Acne Care Essence ⇒ Acne Care Milky Gel

How to Use:

Use a pearl-sized amount. Spread from the inner section of your face with your middle and ring fingers, working towards the outside. Use the palms of your hands to pat in until well-permeated.
Contains 18g for about 30 days.

Fresh Period:

Unopened / fresh up to 1 year
After opening / use within 60 days

It does not contain any preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, ultraviolet absorber.

※ Non-comedogenic tested.
This test has been done under dermatologist supervision.
It may still contain allergens. Can be used for adolescent acne.


5.0 2 reviews

Works well for me.

Not bad

I use it as a light moisturizer on its own - only on my forehead - and it works pretty well to control breakouts. I'm a long time user and I have seen an improvement in the overall condition.