Merries Sarasara Air-through Tape-Type Diapers 64 pieces M

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Product details

We've confidently packed the gentleness in our best product for your baby's skin.

Three-ply air-through layers in the newly-packed tape-type diaper pack! Continue the fresh feeling of just putting on a new diaper!

The 1st layer: A bumpy yet light layer with new airy mesh material touches the skin. Only the high points of the ridges reach the skin so only half of the material makes contact with your baby's skin.

The 2nd layer: An absorbant and free-flowing air layer! The pee-pee is thoroughly absorbed but extra moisture is allowed to flow out.

The 3rd layer: The final multi-directional-air-flow layer to gradually let moisture created by a newly-wet diaper escape.

Catch loose poo-poo and hold it in place in the catch-and-guard design of the inside ridges. Leaks are blocked by the bands that snugly fit around your baby's back and around both thighs.

Point 1: Merries' cute design!

Since babies have to wear diapers every day...

A textile design in cute pastel colors, the bunny's pose changes as your baby grows and increases in size just like the diapers he will wear. There are four designs in all, one per each diaper size.

Point 2: The tape sticks over and over!

Even if the diaper tape tab touches baby's skin, it will not adhere. Since it will always stick and restick to the diaper, it's very convenient! The light green color of the tape tab makes it easy to spot during diaper changes in the middle of the night, too.

Point 3: Pee-pee Signifier

When it changes to blue, it's time for a changing♪ The pee-pee signifier stands out from the cute design, being a very welcomed addition for Mommy!


How to Use:

Size M

Suggested weight: 6-11kg

When the two lines in the center of the diaper become blue, that means that it's time to change the pee-pee diaper!
(※ There is a chance that the lines will turn blue in cases of high humidity; however, the diaper's function and peace-of-mind will not change.)



64 pieces


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