KAO Sleeping Moisture Gel Eye Pack 14 strips

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Product description

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Eyecare for when you're asleep.

Biore Nighttime Moisturizing Eye Strips are loaded with beauty serum in a thick gel sheet for hardworking eyecare while you sleep. It works hard to penetrate under your skin to deliver concentrated moisture. As a result, fine lines caused by dry skin will be eliminated.

It fits the contours of your eyes and doesn't fall off while you're asleep. The fragrance-free and colorant-free formula is gentle on your skin. Comes with 7 sets of strips (14 strips total).

How to Use:

Use after you've applied lotion to your face. Peel off the clear film and stick to the underside of your eyes, smoothing with your fingers. You can use these over your laugh lines too. Leave the strips on as you sleep and take off the next morning.


Water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylic acid, diglycol guanidine succinic acid, polyglyceryl-2 diisostearate, silica, polyacrylic acid, isostearyl glyceryl ether, butylene glycol, aluminum hydroxide, hydroxyethyl isosteary-ioxy isopropanolamine, etc.


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