HARIO V60 Drip Coffee Scale VSTN-2000B

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Product description

For precise pourover coffee brewery

The HARIO V60 Drip Scale VST-2000B is a coffee-making tool designed to measure the steaming and extraction time for a hand drip coffee brewing process.

This product simultaneously measures the amount of coffee beans, hot water, and the extraction time, which are the components for making delicious pour-over coffee.

This scale allows you to manage the extraction amount, guaranteeing a stable extraction for more precise coffee taste.

Comes with Japanese and English language operating instructions.

Product Details

Measuring range: 2g to 2000g

Measurement time: 99 minutes and 59 seconds

Size: Width 120 × Depth 190 × Height 29 mm

Materials (weighing platform and body): ABS resin

Takes DC3V 2 x AAA batteries. Batteries included for testing purposes.


This product has been manufactured according to the technical standards of the Japanese Measurement Act. This product has been manufactured for home use only. Please do not use this product for sales transactions or for official proof of weight.

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5.0 2 reviews
Good Pack

Good price, very nice packaging and quick delivery


A must-have piece of equipment for any your V60 or Chemex setup. The timer feature is super handy for anyone who's serious into coffee and experiments a lot.