KANEBO Allie Extra UV Gel Sunscreen 90g

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Product description

Long-lasting UV protection with moisturiser

Allie Extra UV Gel is resistant against water, sweat and friction, giving you longer-lasting protection against harmful UV rays. Its smooth, moisturising texture keeps your skin soft and smooth. Contains no parabens or added fragrance.

How to use:

This product can be used on the face and body. Can be used under make-up. If the amount used is too small, the gel will not protect adequately against sunburn. For the whole face, use about a 1.2cm squirt of cream. Can be removed with normal make-up remover or body soap.


Do not apply to irritated or broken skin.

Take care not to get the product in your eyes. If any gets in your eyes, wash it out immediately with water.

If the gel gets on clothing, wash straight away with normal washing detergent. Do not use chlorinated bleach as it may lead to discoloration.


Love this sunscreen!

A Friend bought it in japan for me to try out and really love it! Have been searching for this thru the web as it does not sell in Singapore. The texture is really easy to spread nicely on my face, no white cast and it creates a translucent glow after it absorb into my skin. Even if it’s applied on the body, there’s no uncomfortable feeling like most sunscreen does! Will definitely purchase again! Hopefully wonect could improved on their online chat system as I hv been trying so many times to contact your customer support till I finally get a reply from your Facebook messenger. I tot it’s a scam website.