TORAY Torayvino Cassetty Faucet Water Filter Replacement Cartridge MKC.MXJ 1 piece

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Product description

Toray Water Purifier Cartridge for Cassetty series MKC.NTJ

This cartridge is specifically designed to remove lead and trihalomethane along with chlorine and impurities. Toray uses the same high-grade technology used in the medical field in its filtration systems. It captures mud, iron rust particles, bacteria, E.coli, and protozoa without filtering out essential minerals that are important to your body like calcium and magnesium, so you can always drink for good health. Highest-quality removal.

Replace after 600L or 2 months.


- Free residual chlorine (80%/1,500L)
- Impurities (50%/1,500L)
- Total trihalomethane (80%/1,500L)
- Water-soluble lead (80%/1,500L)
- 2-MIB (musty odor) (80%/1,500L)
- CAT (agricultural pesticide) (80%/1,500L)
- Tetrachloroethylene (80%/1,500L)
- Trichloroethylene (80%/1,500L)


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