PANTENE Miracles Dual Active Oil Serum 21g x 2

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Product description

Pantene Miracles: For touchable, cashmere-soft hair

Pantene's most advanced treatment ever!

The #1 cause of severe dryness and frizziness is “hollowed hair”. Damage from hair dryers, heat styling, and UV rays leeches essential components from the hair, causing a hollowing effect inside the strands. Pantene Miracles Dual Active Oil Serum contains Liposhot, a unique repairing ingredient that has been born form 15 years of research into haircare. Liposhot is a luxury serum that works to replenish hollow hair strands with softening and repairing lipids.

Pantene Miracles Dual Active Oil Serum Features

A revolutionary 2-layer treatment

A milk type serum to penetrate the hair, an oil to lock it in. Formulated with Pantene’s Liposhot, a serum that features their highest ever concentration of Pro-Vitamin B5, the milk penetrates to the core of each hair strand. The oil instantly creates a veil over the hair, locking in moisture and giving a beautiful gloss that lasts all day. Mixing the two serums directly before using boosts the effects.

Aqua Serum (Milk Base)

Pantene Miracles Aqua Serum contains Lipshot, which contains 10 times the Pro Vitamin B5 of other products, making it the most concentrated Pro-V product in Pantene’s history. By penetrating the hair and replenishing it with high-density repairing ingredients, damaged hair can begin regulating its own moisture level once again. It allows better penetration of moisture into the hair strands, preventing dryness, and reduces frizz by allowing the hair to absorb moisture from humid air.

Gel Oil (Oil Base)

Unlike hair oils that are made with 100% oil, Pantene Miracles gel oil contains additional moisturising ingredients. This means that the hair avoids the greasiness that often comes with using regular hair oils, giving the hair all the benefits of using oil while achieving a lightweight finish. This gel-type oil spreads more easily through the hair, ensuring all parts of the hair are evenly covered. The result is moisture that remains locked into each strand, and a beautiful, evenly glossy finish that lasts all day.

How to use Pantene Miracles Dual Active Oil

Step 1: Use 1-2 pumps to dispense a pearl sized amount of both serums. Be sure to use two fingers so that both the oil and milk are equally dispensed. (Additional pumps may be required the first time you use the product.)

Step 2: Using your fingertip, mix the two layers together in the palm of your hand until the mixture is even and white in color.

Step 3: Massage gently into the hair, focussing first on the damaged areas of the hair. This serum can be used any time on either wet or dry hair.

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