MUCOTA Color Straight Plus CS+ MD Straight Seaweed Serum 100g

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Product description

Leave-in seaweed based hair treatment 

Mucosa Color Straight Plus CS+ Straight Seaweed Serum is a leave-in treatment formulated with seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid. Adds moisture and softness to dry and stiff hair for a shiny and naturally straight finish.

Contains agome kombu, karafuto kombu, wakame seaweed extracts, CMC ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. Also contains 18 types of amino acids and hydrolyzed keratin. Seaweed extracts repair and condition even the most unruly hair, leading to a shiny and sleek finish.

Layer products for a double treatment

Unruly hair is considered to be caused by an inbalance between the hair’s water hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. In other words, if the hair tends to absorb moisture more than it resists it, the hair can become frizzy and unruly. When humidity is high, hydrophilic hair absorbs moisture and expands, causing frizz and uneven waves.

Using the Live Luminesta Color Straight Plus CS+DD and Live Luminesta Color Straight Plus CS+MD treatments together combines the best qualities of both hair oil and hair cream to give the hair resistance to heat and humidity. Your hair will maintain a sleek and controlled appearance no matter the environment.

How to use

STEP 1. Live Luminesta Color Straight Plus CS+DD
After washing the hair, lightly towel dry the hair and apply the product, focussing on the middle to ends of the hair. Work through the hair well and then dry.
By applying the product while the hair is wet the product will spread more smoothly and be easier to work through the hair.

STEP 2. Live Luminesta Color Straight Plus CS+MD (This product)
Apply using the hands to dry hair, focussing on the middle to the tips. Work through the hair well by combing the hair with your fingertips.


Water, cyclopentasiloxane, honey, ethylhexyl palmitate, behentrimonium chloride, stearyl alcohol, cetanol, Gagome kombu extract, Karafuto kombu extract, wakame extract, hydrolyzed keratin, water-soluble collagen, sodium hyaluronate, etc.

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