MUCOTA Scena Brava Hair Treatment Keratin Protein Refill 800mL

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Product description

Mucota Scena Series Step 3

This is an economical 800mL Mucota Scena Brava refill pack.

Mucota Scena Brava is step two of the Mucota Scena series for damaged hair. No pump is included in this refill. Please use with the Mucota Hard Case, sold seperately.

Product Description

Mucota Scena Brava allows hair repairing ingredients to effectively penetrate the hair in order to repair a variety of types of damage.

Hair damage repair ingredients include low damage CMC amino acids and a combination of matrix keratin and keratin filaments that give shape to the hair’s cortex. This product also includes a formulation of five other repairing ingredients that effectively treat a variety of types of damage. These include include silk PPT, which is effective for repairing the hair’s cuticle, and pearl protein (hydrolyzed conchiolin), which gives the hair a beautiful shine.

Reactive ceramide analogues and 18 MEA analogue activators allow the repairing ingredients in Step 2 Mucota Scena Adel and Step 3 Mucota Scena Brava’s to penetrate into the softened hair. The reactive ceramides also bond to the hair’s internal structure, strengthening the inner hair to lock in the repairing ingredients.

How to Use

1. After treating the hair with the previous steps, apply to damp hair, focussing on the middle and ends.

2. After applying, gently work through the hair using a comb or similar.

3. Once the hair is coated, leave on and proceed to Step 4: Mucota Scena Calore

Amount to use: Short hair: 5mL. Medium hair: 10mL. Long hair: 15mL 

Treatment Steps

Step 1: Mucota Scena Ethos: Treatment for residual chemicals

Step 2: Mucota Scena Adel: Creates a base for the next hair treatments

Step 3: Mucota Scena Brava: Penetrates the hair with keratin and ceramide

Step 4: Mucota Scena Calore: Reinvigorates hydrophobic skin and protects the hair cuticle


Water, propylene glycol, sodium lactate, sodium protocatechuic acid, hydrolyzed keratin, lauryl dimonium hydroproyl hydrolyzed keratin (sheep wool), dihydroxymethylsillylpropoxy hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed conchiolin, arginine, aspartic acid, etc.

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4.5 2 reviews

i like this treatment!!

Awesome products!

Have purchased 3 items to do my hair treatment at home. 1. Mucota scena ardell 2. Mucota scena brava 3. Mucota scena calore Took about 45 minutes to complete the treatment. I managed to have tangle-less hair for the whole 2 weeks! No much combing is needed and I am really satisfied with the result. Will re purchase! 1. Shampoo your hair. Apply Ardell (not too much else your hair will be very oily) focusing on mid to hair ends. Steam your hair if time permits. Rinse thoroughly with warm water 2. Spray Brava and comb your hair - if you want. Apply Calore on top of Brava (not too much or your hair will look oily). Steam your hair if you want,and wait for 10 minutes. Wash off the products with warm water and you are done!!! Apply mucota hair lotion and blow dry your hair to obtain the best result. =)