PERFECT ONE Super Moisture Gel 50g

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Product description

★★ Recommended on Queen Taiwan 女人我最大 ★★

• Formulated with a soft texture
• More deeply hydrating than the standard Perfect One gel
• Addresses a range of concerns for aging skin 
• Perfect for a targeted anti-aging routine

Perfect One Super Moisture Gel is a truly all in one moisturizer. This one product you can replace your toner, lotion, cream moisturizer, serum, face mask and makeup primer. That's six uses in just one product!

This deeply hydrating gel contains readily-absorbed Collagen Complex EX. This highly efficient formulation of 7 differently-sized collagen molecules means that the collagen will travel to stay working in different layers of the skin, locking in moisture. 

Its Moisture Magnet technology holds onto the moisturizing ingredients you apply, recharging your skin with moisture every time you use it.

This all in one moisturizer contains 60 different moisturizing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and shea butter oil.

Perfect One Super Moisture Gel is a rich formulation with a lightweight, smooth finish. It is free of artificial colorants and fragrances and is paraben free. 

How to use Perfect One Super Moisture Gel

  1. Cleanse the face and take approximately 2cm of gel. 
  2. Dab the gel onto five areas: the cheeks, the forehead, the nose and the chin.
  3. Apply the gel moving from the centre of the face outwards, using a gentle upwards, lifting motion with the hands.
  4. Pat your face with the palms of your hands to warm the face and boost absorption. 

Can be used day or night. Perfect One Super Moisture Gel is great for dry knees and elbows too!

Which Perfect One product should I buy?

Perfect One Moisture Gel
The core product of the Perfect One all-in-one line. A fresh, lightweight all in one gel, perfect for most skin types. Recommended those who prefer a moisturizer with a watery texture, those who want to improve elasticity, those concerned about dryness, those who want an easy first step into anti-aging care.

Perfect One Super Moisture Gel 
A slightly thicker texture for those with dryer skin or who want a more intensive anti-aging treatment. Recommended for those who prefer a moisturizer with a gentle texture, those who want to experience deeper hydration, those who are seeing more skin issues as they age, those who want to improve their anti aging routine.

Perfect One Lifting Gel
A thicker, deeply moisturizing gel for mature skin types. Best for those who prefer a thick gel texture, who are worried about fine lines from skin dryness, those who to improve skin elasticity, and who are looking for full-scale anti-aging care.

Perfect One Whitening Gel
All the moisturizing power of the Perfect One Moisture Gel, plus skin-whitening ingredients. Perfect for anyone seeking a more even skin tone without sun spots, freckles, and other sun damage. Best for those who want to improve their skin’s hydration and brightness, those concerned about sun spots and freckles, those who want to maintain their skin’s moisture.


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