IPPUDO Tonkotsu Ramen Instant Cup Noodle (126g x 3 packs)

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Product description

Try Ippudo’s authentic ramen noodles at home!

Established in 1985 in Fukuoka, Japan, Ippudo is one of the best known Japanese ramen chain restaurants around the world.

The name Ippudo is a synonym for the best Hakata-style tonkotsu ramen. Hakata ramen is based on a pork bone broth and straight, thin ramen noodles. This ramen is flavored with spicy miso, black garlic oil, green onion, and wood ear mushrooms. It also comes with dried chashu, which turns into thick, meaty, pork belly when it soaks up the soup. Feel free to the garlic oil to your liking!

Product details

This product includes 3 x 211g ramen bowls.

Producer: Ippudo

Country of Production: Japan

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5.0 2 reviews

Really like the taste of this tonkatsu ramen. Repeated purchase.


Very good ramen instant noodles. Tried it in Japan and loved it. Finally managed to get it in Singapore through Wonect! thanks!