GRAPHICO Foot Peeling Spray Orange Oil 110ml

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Product description

You don't need to wait!  Just spray and rub the soles with hand, you can get smooth soles easily.  Blended orange oil, triple AHA * (bilberry fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, sugar cane extract), and oolong tea extract that care the hard soles.

Raw materials and components
Water, ethanol, Setorimoniumukurorido, carbomer, EDTA-2Na, allantoin, licorice root extract, tea leaf extract, purslane extract, hyaluronic acid Na, glycerin, BG, chloride Na, polysorbate 80, methylparaben, orange peel oil, fragrance, phenoxyethanol , oolong tea extract, tea tree extract, bilberry fruit extract, sugar cane extract, lemon fruit extract


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