MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Water Filter Pitcher Value Set CP405-WT Plus Cartridge CPC5 x 2 pieces

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Product description

Compact water purifier + cartridge for healthier drinking water

Slim water purifier tumbler, compact and easy to store. Removes 13+2 unnecessary substances in water that can harm our health.

1: Using hollow fiber membrane filter that ensures firm water purification and disinfection.

2: Slim body and compact non handle design, easy to store even in refrigerator pocket.

3: Flap-type lid makes it easy to supply and pour water.

4: Adopting removable reservoir tank, making sure that every part can be cleaned

5: Calendar dial to remind of cartridge replacement time.


Type of material Body: SAN (AS) Resin cartridge: ABS resin
Lid: ABS resin, polypropylene reservoir tank: MBS resin
Type of filter materials: Hollow fiber membrane (polyethylene), ceramic, activated carbon
Filtration flow rate: 0.10 L / min
Estimated time for replacing filter medium 3 months (when using 2 L per day)
Container body size Width 105 mm × depth 158 mm × height 280 mm
Mass (at full water) 680 g (2,080 g at full water)
Capacity of purified water capacity: 1.5 L


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