YANAGIYA Hair Tonic Cool Type Fragrance-Free 240ml

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Product description

Yanagiya has a 400-year history of dealing with raw plant ingredients.

Yanagiya Honten Co., Ltd. was founded in 1615 by Roikkan who served under Ieyasu Tokugawa as a doctor of Chinese medicine.

In the Cooling Hair Tonic is Swertia japonica extract and Glycyrrhiza, which are extracted from the liquorice herb, in the form of dipotassium glycyrrhizinate. They penetrate into the hair root and promote hair growth while preventing hair loss.

A cooling effect was added to this fragrance-free tonic.

How to Use:

Take an appropriate amount and massage int the scalp using the pads of your fingers 2-3 times a day.


Active ingredients: Tocopherol acetate, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Swertia japonica extract
Other ingredients: Methol, polyoxyethylene-cured castor oil, butylene glycol, Sophora angustifolia extract-1, Isodon japonicus extract-1, Japanese white birch extract, pH conditioner, ethanol, yellow-4, blue-1


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