YANAGIYA Hair Tonic Anti-aging Scalp Tonic for Hair Loss Menthol Rich 240ml

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Product description

400 years of botanical knowledge

  • Improves the health of the scalp
  • Helps prevent hair loss and boosts the growth of healthy hair
  • Prevents dandruff, itching, and odor
  • Gives long-lasting, refreshingly cool sensation. Great for after a bath!

Yanagi Hair Tonic is a refreshing, medicated hair tonic based on botanical extracts.

The health of the scalp has a direct impact on hair loss and hair growth. Using Yanagiya Hair Tonic calms, hydrates, andprevents inflammation and bacterial growth on the scalp. This kind of scalp care is vital for growing young, healthy, and strong hair.

Yanagiya Hair Tonic contains four types of medicinal and botanical extracts (swertia japonica, ginseng, sophora flavescens, and rabdosia japonica) that reach to the roots of hair to prevent hair loss and promote growth.

This product is formualted with menthol to create a refreshing, cooling sensation. You'll be hooked on how good this feels in the summer or after getting out of the shower!

Yanagiya is a Japanese company founded in 1615 by Roikkan, a doctor of Chinese medicine who served under the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. With over 400 years of history in traditional, herbal-based medicine, Yanagiya is one of Japan's most trusted brands for hair loss.

Whether you are looking to maintain your hair or treat your hair loss, using Yanagiya Hair Tonic is a simple and refreshing treatment. Try Yanagiya Hair Tonic thicker, healthier hair without dandruff, itching, or hair thinning and loss.

How to use Yanagiya Hair Tonic

Remove all the excess water from your hair. Massage tonic into the scalp using the pads of your fingers, taking care not to scratch. Massage into the scalp 2-3 times a day.


Active ingredients: Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, tocopheryl acetate, menthol
Other ingredients: Polyoxyethylene-cured castor oil, dipropylene glycol, Swertia japonica extract, ginseng extract, Sophora angustifolia extract-1, Isodon japonicus extract-1, fragrance, pH conditioner, ethanol, yellow-4, blue-1

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4.2 5 reviews
Mrs Huang

It’s so cool when applying on scalp,still waiting for improvment,hope it will work .

Cooling sensation

This product gives a nice cooling sensation to my scalp. But be careful not to get in contact with eyes, very stingy, Don't see any improvement to control hairfall (maybe this is not its function), but can see baby hair growing. Good!

Good product and great discount too!

This is my 2nd purchase. Very good product to stimulate blood circulation on the scalp.

Great products with great services

Received the item within 1 weeks (from Japan to Indonesia) thank you for your great services. Thank you