Aojiru Enzyme Magic Vegetable Diet Drink 100g

Aojiru Enzyme Magic Vegetable Diet Drink 100g

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Aojiru Enzyme Magic Vegetable Diet Drink 100g

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Full of natural ingredients and enzymes.

One cup of juice is only 35kcal! Just replace one meal with this green juice and cut up to 700kcal per day. Made with natural ingredients and 235 enzymes.

How to consume:

For health maintenance, add 3-4 scoops (4-5.5g) into a cup and pour 180-200cc of water or hot water. Stir well before drinking.


Glucose, dextrin, young barley powder, water-soluble dietary fiber, collagen peptide (derived from pigs), mulberry leaf powder, kale powder, Ashitaba powder, green tea powder, Pueraria end, pig placenta extract powder, wild grass fermentation extract powder (dextrin, wild grass fermentation extract), fermented plant extract powder (fermented vegetable extract, corn starch, starch), fermented plant extract (dextrin, fruit and vegetables [orange, pineapple, banana, apple, papaya, guava, carrots, kiwi fruit, etc.], grain [brown rice, kidney beans, etc.], wild grass extract [Pfaffia, rosemary, etc.], sugars, seaweed), plant fermented food (dextrin, black sugar, beet sugar, maltose, turmeric, mugwort, etc.), Peucedanum japonicum powder, bilberry extract, sweetener (Aspartame: L-phenylalanine compound), hyaluronic acid, coloring (tomato lycopene), carotene extraction, enzyme-treated hesperidin (wheat, gelatin, pork, orange, kiwi fruit, soybean, yam, apple, banana, sesame seed, cashew nut)

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