TORAY Torayvino Super-slim Faucet Type High-Removal Water Purifier 605V

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Product details

Torayvino's standard super-slim faucet water purifier.

The super-slim 605V is an advanced water filtration system for your faucet that shows you how much time you have before you need to replace the filter at a glance. The digital number screen measures the amount of liters filtered. Built with a pour mode (tap and purified water) that's convenient for pouring into bottle spouts and a wider shower mode (tap water only). Use pure, filtered water to wash vegetables or cook rice. It'll also save you 30% more water thanks to the tap water spout being smaller for higher water-pressure control, making this filter economical to own. Each cartridge lasts about 2 months. Comes with one filter cartridge.


- Free residual chlorine (80%/600L)
- Murkiness (50%/600L)
- Total trihalomethane (80%/600L)
- Water-soluble lead (80%/600L)
- 2-MIB (musty odor) (80%/600L)
- CAT (agricultural pesticide) (80%/600L)
- Tetrachloroethylene (80%/600L)
- Trichloroethylene (80%/600L)
- Chloroform (80%/600L)
- Bromodichloromethane (80%/600L)
- Dibromochloromethane (80%/600L)
- Bromoform (80%/600L)