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    Panasonic Eye Beauty Massager EH-SW54 2 Colors

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    sku: PAN01012


    Product details

    Bring resilient tone and brightness back to your eyes with a steamy massage.

    1 ) With moisture from steam and a temperate heater, you can make your eyes lively and bright.
    This eye-beautifying massager will comfortably warm and moisturize your eye area. The nose pad makes the steam hard to escape for concentrated care. You can choose your preferred heat temperature with about 38°C on the low setting and 40°C on high.

    2 ) Select from three massage rhythms that balance strong and weak periods that shut off when finished.
    Rhythm 1: Calm & Light (about 12 minutes)
    Rhythm 2: Back & Forth Light & Strong (about 12 minutes)
    Rhythm 3: Light & Strong (about 6 minutes)

    3 ) Relax with aromatherapy.
    You can insert an aroma tablet with 100% natural essential oils for extra relaxation during your massage.
    Three aromas: Pure Lavender, Bergamot, and Geranium

    How to Use:

    1. Wet the water-retaining eye plate under tap water and set it in the massage device.
    2. Attach the aroma tablet to the aroma holder on the massager (if you're not using an aroma tablet, skip this step).
    3. Press the Power/Temperature switch and choose "Low" or "High."
    4. Press the Rhythm switch and select from 1 of the 3 rhythm settings (you can use the steamer without the massage function).
    5. Put the massager on your face and close your eyes. Use it while leaning back or sitting up.