Panasonic Hair Dryer Ionity EH-NE38

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Product details

A blow dryer that moves 1.6 cubic meters of air per minute for powerful drying power.

Negative ions emitted from the center of the dryer protect your hair from heat while leaving it soft and shiny. The ions coat your hair with their moisture-protecting power. It gets loosens tangles in hair that's plentiful or long. This dryer will quickly dry your hair when you're in a hurry in the morning or get home and just want to fall into bed. While the horizontal strong and weak winds blow through your bundles of hair and detangle it,it can quickly dry even notoriously hard-to-dry long and thick hair. Wipe away dust from the dryer's air filter with only a tissue.

How to Use:

1) Soak up most of the water from your hair using a towel. Use a brush or gently comb through your hair with your fingers to loosen tangles.
2) Start by drying your hair at the roots. Lift your hair up from the inside with your hand and blow-dry that area. Be careful not to focus on one area of hair and dry the ends too much, making them brittle and damaged.
3) Wave the blow dryer around a wide area to dry your hair. Leaving the dryer focused on one area for too long will make your hair too hot and evaporate away moisture from the strands. Move the dryer all around your hair.


- 80-100°C
- 1200W


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