HABA Squalane Shampoo Natural 500ml

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Product details

Comfortable hair wash with fine foam, delivering moisture and health to your hair

This shampoo washes your hair with its delicate natural ingredient, coconut oil fatty acid. It is friendly to your hair and skin, and also the the environment. We recommended this shampoo for people with thinning hair, increased hair loss, and hair with decreased volume.

No fragrance

They say "hair is a woman's crown", that it is "a woman's soul".

Perhaps there are a lot of people who feel uncomfortable with this idea. Shiny and healthy hair is undoubtedly one of the charms women can have, but women naturally have varied hair physical condition and several factors such as lifestyle and aging can change it further. It is difficult to maintain healthy hair and a lot have given up because they think "hair treatment doesn't change anything".

On weak scalp, extra components can easily become burden. Considering this, "Squalane Shampoo" is very good and simple because it uses natural coconut oil which is gentle to the hair and scalp and can comfortably wash up your hair.

The charm of a woman is not only her hair, but it comes from choosing the right products that suit you.

Check out the components to be even more assured:

Water / potassium stearate / glycerin / cocamidopropyl betaine / cocamide DEA / cocoylglycine K / platinum / squalane / hydrolyzed conchiolin / sericin / BG / pentylene glycol / citric acid / polyquaternium-7 / polyquaternium-10 / hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose / polyacrylic acid Na / phenoxyethanol