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    Meisyoku Placenta Whitening eye cream

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    sku: OTH01607

    Product details

    Intensive medicated essence for countermeasures against spots and stubborn eye lines

    Suppresses melanin generation with whitening power of placenta, leads to skin full of transparency by preventing spots. Using ingredients such as collagen (for skin firmness) and pearl oyster (moisturizing ingredient) to give the skin firmness and make fine wrinkles by drying less noticeable.

    How to use:

    ● After preparing your skin with lotion / cream etc, take an appropriate amount on your fingertips and apply gently onto your skin.
    ● You can use it both in the morning and at night.


    ● Active Ingredients: Placenta Extract-1, Tocopherol Acetate
    ● Other Ingredients: Collagen · Tripeptide F, Yokuinin Extract, Mulberry Extract, DL - PCA · Na Solution, DL - Malic Acid, Rice Nuca Oil, Rice Nuca Sphingo Glycolipid, Soy Phospholipid, Natural Vitamin E, Oxyproline, Concentrated glycerin, glycerin, BG, 1.2-pentanediol, polyglyceryl oleate, lipophilic glyceryl stearate, polyglyceryl stearate, ethylhexyl palmitate, beeswax, dimethicone, stearic acid, glyceryl tri (caprylic caprate), batyl alcohol , Fatty acid dipentaerythrityl-1, hydrogenated polybutene, behenyl alcohol, 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine · butyl methacrylate copolymer solution, pH adjusting agent, viscosity adjusting agent, ethanol, phenoxyethanol, paraben, perfume