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    ISDG 232 Diet Enzyme Premium 120 Tablets

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    Helps to increase your metabolism. Best to take a few times a day. (4 tablets per day)

    sku: OTH01570
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    Product details

    Diet supplement to increase your metabolism

    Along with age comes decreased muscle mass and low at-rest metabolism. Even though you're not eating any more than usual, every year, your weight just seems to rise. In order to overcome your increasing worry, the power of enzymes, yeast, Coleus forskohli, and malted rice will aid in your new active calorie-burning. There's no need to cut calories! Great for people who exercise irregularly, love to eat, fear a weight rebound, or who want a high-calorie-burning diet.

    The iSDG 232 Premium Diet Enzyme contains fermentation enzymes, which support smooth digestion and curb the wasteful use of digestive enzymes in the body. Plant yeast breaks down sugars into alcohol and carbonic acid, especially significant for dieters. Malted rice ferments the microbes found in rice and cereal grains to make fermented foods beneficial to digestion.

    How to take:

    Take 2-4 tablets per day. Includes 120 tablets for 30-60 days.


    Complex plant fermentation powder [digestion-resistant dextrin, sugar (brown sugar, oligosaccharide), fruit (grape, peach, apple, mandarin orange, strawberry, persimmon, yuzu, kiwi, kumquat, lemon, blueberry, etc.), vegetables/wild plants (shiso, daikon, Asian ginseng, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, eggplant, Japanese mustard spinach, celery, spinach, bok choy, green pepper, etc.), wild grasses (Asian plantain, bamboo grass, field horsetail, etc.), etc.


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