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    ICHIRAN Classic Tonkotsu Ramen Curly Noodle Style 5 Bags

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    sku: OTH01386

    Product details

    Enjoy Ichiran's delicious ramen at home.

    Ichiran is one of the most popular tonkotsu (pork bone base) ramen chains in Japan.

    The ramen artisans have poured passion and research into bringing about this ramen item for you to enjoy at home.

    The delicious classic ramen that customers enjoy in the shop is now given to you in this pack. It gives off a full-bodied aroma mingled with noodles with that chewy, fresh-made-dough bite to stay true to its delicious taste. The soup maximizes the flavor of the pork in perfect flavor proportion without making an unpleasant smell. The years spent researching and cultivating its flavor shows that Ichiran ramen is refined and unique.

    Finally, the red dry spice powder is more than just chili powder, with ground chili at its base.


    5 serving packets x 116g

    How to Prepare:

    1. Bring 500mL (2 1/2 cups) of water in a pot to a boil.
    2. Cooking time:
    For very hard noodles - Your preference
    For hard noodles - 2 1/2 minutes
    Standard - 3 minutes
    For soft noodles - 3 1/2 minutes
    For very soft noodles - Your preference
    3. After the noodles have untangled, turn off the heat and add the soup powder and special oil. Add as much or as little as your prefer.
    4. Transfer the ramen to a bowl and top with the red dry spice powder.